Beta Test

Testing Program

We are working heavily to deliver a robust & strong software solution. It can’t be done without help from community. Therefor you will get CRIP Token as a gift from Chripment team, appreciating your help & time.

Bug Reporting
Test the app regularly to submit issues and bugs.
Vote for New Features
Help Developers team to deliver best features to the public users.


We appreciate your help, More than $500’000 in CRIP Token will be distributed to Beta Testers & Bug Hunters.

Quick Question?

Frequently Asked Questions

Participation in “Beta Testing Program” requires the following:

  • Commitment to testing period until the end.
  • Understanding of cryptocurrency & tokens.
  • Being more active at our “Development Discussion Board”.
  • Share “Allowed Data” on your social media to increase the awareness about our product.

There’s a closed discussion board for beta testers only, there you can share and discuss all feedbacks, submit issues & bugs.
Also there will be a voting for new features closed to beta group only. The more you are active the more CRIP tokens you could earn.

There’s $100’000 of CRIP Token will be distributed to Beta Testers, But this amount of token is not for free or for one time. (No free tokens for scam)
Registration, Participation, Activities and Efforts that will give you more tokens. But expect to get more from product itself once we go live.

Submit using form in this page or using special form. Duplicate submission will decrease your acceptance reputation.

    You can also submit using this Google Form. (Share it if you want)
    If you are accepted, KYC is required. (Your Photo & ID Copy).
    Some Countries are restricted.